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Focus On Israel : PJTN 101

Focus On Israel Episodes

FOI Episode #25: Antisemitism in Cinema

The History of Antisemitism in Cinema: “Focus On Israel" exists to educate, motivate and activate…

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FOI Episode #26: Antisemitism and Moral Equivalency

Antisemitism and Moral Equivalency—What does it mean? In the press and other media, Israel has…

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FOI Episode #27: The Elect Will Be Fooled

Even the Very Elect Will Be Fooled: Is there a war against Israel within the…

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FOI Episode #28: The 2012 NRB Convention

This episode of "Focus On Israel" takes the viewer to the 2012 National Religious Broadcasters…

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FOI Episode #29: War With Iran

Israel’s Ages Old Conflict With Iran — How Will It End? This episode of "Focus…

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FOI Episode #30: Disinformation Against Israel

A Smoke Screen of Lies Against Israel: This week's episode of "Focus On Israel" shines…

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FOI Episode #31: The 2015 NRB Convention

The 2015 NRB Convention with John Bolton: Where America is on today's world stage has…

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FOI Episode #32: The Settlements

What are “The Settlements”? Perhaps no tiny strip of real estate has gotten as much…

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