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Laurie Cardoza Moore

Laurie Cardoza Moore

Founder & President of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations

Laurie Cardoza Moore is the Founder & President of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations

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Jeanette Hackler

Financial Officer/Treasurer

As PJTN's Financial Advisor, Jeanette manages not only the daily financial activities of the Not for Profit group but also future planning. Jeanette's years of financial service assists in embracing…

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Josephine Moore

Assistant Director/Editor

Jo is responsible for editing and creatively producing new film shorts from PJTN film projects library including Focus On Israel as well as overseeing traffic and content distribution for our television…

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Jackie Monaghan

Senior Media Advisor for PJTN

JACKIE MONAGHAN serves on a consultant basis as Senior Media Advisor for PJTN, coming to the organization over a decade ago with more than 30 years of experience in media/marketing with…

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Stan Moore

SM Films

Stan is the Emmy Award-winning producer/director behind Focus On Israel as well as PJTN’s three award-winning full length documentaries. He has been responsible for the film branding and imaging of…

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Vanus Creations

Web Technologies & Graphic Design

The Vanus Creations design and web team manage all of PJTN’s visual print, web and email marketing materials. The team also provides assistance with web technologies to continually expand PJTN’s…

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Helping Hannah Pro

Administrative & Operational Support Services

The Helping Hannah team provides consultative and creative input on an array of administrative and operational support services including onboarding training, PowerPoint presentations, proofreading editing and formatting of digital marketing…

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Mahgdalen Rose

Social Media Director

Handling PJTN’s ever growing social media presence over the multiple platforms of FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, Mahgdalen consistently brings our message to a new generation of followers. She has helped…

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David Jackson

Digital Broadcasting

As a director with LightSource Streaming, David oversees the streaming broadcast tracking of PJTN programming—both Focus On Israel and the “Proclaiming Justice” podcast.

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Caitlin Curry

Client Success Manager - Infinity Concepts

Caitlin assists PJTN with communication/media/marketing strategies within the services of Infinity Concepts.

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Darrell Law

VP/Chief Growth Officer - Infinity Concepts

Darrell brings an expertise in the maximization of nonprofit resources from fund raising strategies and creating donor retention programs to assimilation and implementation of marketing strategies to grow PJTN mission and…

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Dr. Sandra Alfonsi

PJTN Academic Advisor

Dr. Alfonsi serves as educational/academic advisor to PJTN on all textbook and education-related agenda. She was for a number of years the Director of National Hadassah’s “Curriculum Watch” and Chair…

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Donna Render

PJTN Central FL Liaison

Donna serves as a special consultant to PJTN’s Florida interests with Jewish and educational agenda. She is an attorney basing in the Orlando area.

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Rita Pepi

Texas Chapter Director

A recent move to Texas has given Rita a new field of opportunity to widen PJTN’s message in a very strategic location for the textbook agenda that is a part…

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Michael S. Goldstein, Esq.

General Legal Counsel

Michael Goldstein is a retired Navy Officer and a 30-year veteran of the U.S. Intelligence community. He serves as General Counsel for PJTN as well as Executive Director of PJTN’s Arizona…

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Cheryl Charles

South Africa Chapter Director/PJTN Mission South Africa

Cheryl bases in Johannesburg and has been an integral part in PJTN bringing its fight against antisemitism into the international arena. A PJTN South Africa Summit in 2019 garnered international…

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