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Arizona House Of Representatives Hosts Ad Hoc Committee On Antisemitism In Education In The Wake Of The Explosion Of Antisemitism Nationwide On Campuses And In Classrooms



Phoenix, AZ, December 12th – Laurie Cardoza Moore, ThD, President of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN), commends the leadership of the Arizona House of Representatives for their call to hear expert testimony on the rising threat of antisemitism in college and K-12 classrooms across the state.

“PJTN has been at the forefront of exposing the antisemitic, anti-Israel and anti-American propaganda in K-12 classrooms across the nation for over a decade. With the rise of global antisemitism and the recent war on Israel, we have witnessed an explosion of Jew hatred on campuses and in classrooms where Jewish students and teachers are fearful to go for fear of being attacked;” said Dr. Cardoza Moore.

Dr. Cardoza Moore further stated: “PJTN’s General Counsel, Michael S. Goldstein. Esq., will be submitting PJTN’s White Papers for the record to the members of the committee, including; “Indoctrination in U.S. Public Education: Dismantling of our Constitutional Republic”, “The Status of K-12 Education Today in Florida” and “The Crisis in K-12 Education in America’s Religious Day Schools”.

Mr. Goldstein will be testifying at the hearing on behalf of PJTN.
“On behalf of PJTN and the members of the Jewish and Christian congregations and organizations with which I work here in Arizona, I would like to express our gratitude to the Arizona House of Representatives, both legislators and staff, for creating an opportunity for their members to learn about the reality of the wide-spread antisemitism and support for Hamas displayed on our university campuses by students, faculty, and staff in the wake of the October 7 inhuman massacres perpetrated by Hamas. Today’s hearing of the House Ad Hoc Committee on Antisemitism in Education is a great public platform to teach and learn in preparation for Arizona to take action necessary to support of all students by protecting them from a hostile educational development.” stated Mr. Goldstein.

PJTN’s Academic Advisor, Dr. Sandra Alfonsi stated: “It is an undeniable fact that the American K-12 Public School System is in trouble. It has been infected by ideologies antithetical to the principles which our Founding Fathers believed, adhered to, and included within the framework of our Constitution. These are the same ideologies which have as their objective the goal of undermining our Constitutional Republic and inciting Jew hatred across America.”

The Hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, December 12, 2023 at 9:00 am MT at the Arizona Capitol Building in House Hearing Room 1. The Committee will consist of both Republican and Democratic representatives.

The purpose of this hearing is to educate our legislators on the very complex topic of the accuracy of the content of what Arizona children are being taught in their K-12 schools and in Arizona universities as it relates to the Middle East. Other expert witnesses scheduled to testify include: Rep. Barbara Parker – Arizona House of Representatives, Tom Horne – State of Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, Attorney Liz Berney, Director of Research and Special Projects – Zionist Organization of America, Col. Richard Kemp – British Army (Ret.), Tammi Rossman-Benjamin – Co-Founder of AMCHA Initiative, Clare Lopez – Principal of Lopez Liberty LLC, Jonathan Schanzer, Sr. Vice President for Research, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Emily Winkler – Executive Director of LINK, David Bedein – Director of The Center for Near East Policy Research, and Douglas Sandoval – Managing Director of CAMERA on Campus.

The goal in educating the Arizona senators and representatives is to have their bipartisan support in drafting and adopting future legislation to eliminate the educational indoctrination of our children caused by inaccuracies in curricula and teaching, and to protect all students from having to learn in an adverse educational environment.

Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, Inc., a nonprofit organization whose global mission is to educate, motivate and activate Christians, Jews and all people of conscience to stand with Israel and our Jewish brethren against the rise of global antisemitism. We accomplish this goal by producing award-winning documentary films and programs and distribute them to PJTN’s 18 global media partners, reaching a combined global audience of over 2 billion potential viewers.

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