Taking Back America's Children


Pray, Learn, Share

  • Pray For America
  • Register To Vote
  • Learn The Candidates - and what they represent. Marxist and socialist mandates must be thwarted at the ballot box. Vote for conservative values.
  • Share PJTN media and social media with your sphere of influence.

Get Engaged

  • Become An "Engaged Citizen" On Local/Nation Levels. "Only you can protect what you value"
  • Know What Your Children Are Being Taught - review books and curriculum and demand "transperancy in textbooks" from your school officials
  • Demand Reforms In American Education. Start in your community be being aware and involved with local school boards, PTA's -every avenue of engagement All change begins at grassroots.

Take Massive Action!

  • Consider running for local office -PTA, school board, local politics -all change begins at the comunity level.
  • Start local support groups or join them to band with other citizens and parent that share your values and concerns.
  • Start Or Join Local Support Groups
  • Consider home schooling if at all possible as a long term commitment.
  • Watchman and band your voice with those of thousands of other concerned Americans! THere is power in numbers.