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Pray For America
Register To Vote
Learn The Candidates – and what they represent. Marxist and socialist mandates must be thwarted at the ballot box. Vote for conservative values.
Share PJTN media and social media with your sphere of influence.


Become An “Engaged Citizen” On Local/Nation Levels. “Only you can protect what you value”
Know What Your Children Are Being Taught – review books and curriculum and demand “transperancy in textbooks” from your school officials
Demand Reforms In American Education. Start in your community be being aware and involved with local school boards, PTA’s – every avenue of engagement All change begins at grassroots.


Consider running for local office – PTA, school board, local politics -all change begins at the community level.
Start local support groups or join them to band with other citizens and parent that share your values and concerns.
Start Or Join Local Support Groups
Consider home schooling if at all possible as a long term commitment.
Watchman and band your voice with those of thousands of other concerned Americans! THere is power in numbers.

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