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The people perish for a lack of knowledge. How do you gain knowledge in a society that is filled with misinformation and propaganda?

It requires you to be alert, cultured, and capable of doing your own research.

We at PJTN are not only interested in changing policy – we want to create an informed population.

Taking Back America's Children


Taking Back America’s Children is a grassroots campaign working to reclaim our schools from activists imposing harmful educational agendas. Through a network of efforts on local, state, and national levels, we are fighting indoctrination in America’s classrooms, and calling for the promotion of a return to the values and patriotism upon which our nation was built and which every democracy needs to flourish.


PJTN’s flagship television production, Focus On Israel, is a weekly 30-minute broadcast hosted by Laurie with the goal of winning hearts and minds for Israel and the Jewish people.


PJTN is on the front lines and in the headlines in the national media. Follow our journey as we fight the battle to gain control of America’s education system and the future of our next generation of leadership: our children. You can follow us on a range of global media outlets, news platforms and social media dialogues.

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