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Focus On Israel : PJTN 101

Focus On Israel Episodes

FOI Episode #1: PJTN 101

Introduction to the ministry and mission of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations. Includes an overview…

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FOI Episode #2: History of Antisemitism

Exposes the roots of the “longest hatred.” Also examines not only at the why and…

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FOI Episode #3: The New Antisemitism

Looks closely at the new antisemitism, which is based upon an anti-Israel anti-Zionist rhetoric. It…

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FOI Episode #4: Christian Antisemitism

Today, many churches are coming against God’s land and His people. Many mainline churches are…

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FOI Episode #5: Biblical Evidence for Israel

Rabbis and pastors present scriptural basis for the establishment of the Jewish state. More and…

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FOI Episode #6: Archeological Evidence for Israel

Israeli archeologists Dr. Hagi Amitzur and Doron Spielman show and explain evidence in the Golan…

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FOI Episode #7: Historical Evidence for Israel

We are witnessing parents and citizens nationwide who are mobilizing against revisionist American history and…

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FOI Episode #8: Political Basis for Israel

This program looks in depth at the political basis for the birth of Israel and…

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