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We must unite as parents, grandparents, concerned patriots and all good people of moral conscience who love America and wrestle the wheel of influence and control of the educational system in our nation away from those forces who would destroy all we hold dear – our history, our Founding Fathers, our liberties, our freedoms, our values and our God.

We are one nation under God. “How you will ask?” With unity.

“Good” must coalesce with more strength and resolve than the evil we face.

They are resolved. Resolved to turn America into a Marxist regime that will ultimately burn all we have built and relegate a once proud and free country to the ash pile of memory.

How will future generations know of the true glory of the land of the free and the home of the brave that we, in our generation, if we allowed it to perish? Marxist textbooks of the future will decry our nation and the God who oversaw the destruction we allowed.

We must stand with one voice! We must say with one resolved voice: NO!

If you agree—please join us!

We come from diverse races, religions, economic backgrounds and political orientations but we share one concern: The future of America’s children

Is it too late to make a difference? Only if we wait one more day

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