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Week after week, millions of caring parents have unknowingly “kissed their children goodbye” on the steps of the friendly yellow school bus.

Look at America’s streets over the past eighteen months – this is the tragic harvest produced from the seeds of our neglect. Our children now march behind placards whose agenda they don’t even fully comprehend carrying messages filled with evil and death for the very nation their grandparents died on a foreign shore to preserve for them.

Marxist and communist values are elevated while the Judeo-Christian values and patriotism under which America was built are despised. They demand “social justice” for causes backed by terrorism. They demand freedom from capitalism with no knowledge from history of what vile bands of bondage on humanity and freedom Marxism and communism will enact in their own lives and those of their future children and grandchildren

While we slept our education system willingly and knowingly fulfilled its role of “transforming America” in the minds of the flock of children we entrusted to them. They have succeeded in carefully grooming the “sheep mentality” within this generation – the kind of mentality needed to radically transform America into willingly giving up freedoms and values.

Did they succeed? Look at America in 2021 and you will find the answer.

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