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Press Release: Christian Pro Israel Advocate Calls For Investigation of Ilhan Omar’s Ties To Terrorism

For Immediate Release
February 13, 2023

Christian Pro Israel Advocate Calls For Investigation of Ilhan Omar’s Ties To Terrorism

Orlando, FL – As in a party-line vote of 218-211, the Republican-led House last week approved a resolution introduced by Ohio Representative Max Miller calling for the removal of Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. A national Christian pro-Israel leader is this week calling on Congress to launch an investigation of Omar’s ties to terrorist support.

Laurie Cardoza Moore, Founder and President of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN), calling Omar’s removal “a great victory in the war against antisemitism,” noted today in a statement: “Since her election to Congress in 2019, Omar has consistently and openly raised money for American front groups of the Muslim Brotherhood, organizations that include the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Islamic Relief USA. These organizations are effectively Hamas front groups with CAIR being recognized as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist fundraising operation in US history. I am calling on Speaker McCarthy to investigate what harm her close proximity to steering US foreign policy since 2019 might have brought to both the US and Israel.”

Long an openly vocal anti-Semite, Omar has consistently flooded major national media with anti-Semitic rhetoric, to the extreme of equating America and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban. Notes Cardoza Moore: “This is indefensible as it equates the two greatest world democracies that govern by the rule of law to two contemptible “hate regimes” that engage in bloodshed and terrorism. Omar’s attempts to influence a new reign of Jew-hatred in America with a new generation of Americans has been destructive and consistent since she stepped into power.”

“This is an immigrant American who unfortunately repays the opportunity of freedom with an openly aggressive hatred for Israel and America. She supports the BDS Movement, belittles the Holocaust, mainstreams anti-Americanism, seeks the financial destruction of Israel and works openly as a subversive force to destroy America from within. And yet, she sat in a seat of power on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, dealing with sensitive intel on both the Middle East and American interests while having proven ties with CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“Where is the outrage?”

Cardoza Moore’s organization, PJTN, led a well-publicized campaign in 2019 to remove Omar from Congress with an online petition that amassed more than 50K signatures. PJTN is currently engaged in bringing national attention to the crisis in American education, hosting a series of Taking Back America’s Children Summit events across the country.

“Tragic that anti-American, anti-Semitic voices are given an amplified megaphone—much less from the steps of Congress where Ilhan Omar was voted into power over a land she seemingly despises by a culture of people she openly distains. Her voice should be vilified, not amplified. We have a generation of children growing up in America who need to see role models in positions of the leadership of our nation’s future,” noted Cardoza Moore in the closing remarks of her communication to Speaker McCarthy.

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