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Congratulations to Prime Minister Netanyahu!

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Dear Friends and Patriots,

Mazel Tov! Proclaiming Justice to The Nations is blessing the name of the Lord for the victory this week by Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and the Zionist Parties. Their victory on Tuesday is a strong sign that the Jewish people are committed to the preservation and thriving of their nation.

The Lord warned Israel not to move their brothers’ ancient boundary stones. Prime Minister Netanyahu has a proven track record of not ceding any more land.

We are confident that under his strong leadership, Israel will rise to fulfill her destiny with leaders of faith who will uphold and defend the Promise of the Covenant.

With a heart of celebration and great anticipation, the PJTN Board and our global members offer our hearty congratulations, Mr. Prime Minister. You are the leader that Israel needs in these dark hours of worldwide antagonism against the Jewish people. Sarah and Eretz Yisrael! Well done!


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