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Deception and Misinformation – Insidious Weapons of Terrorists, Some Academics and Others

Deception and misinformation are insidious weapons of terrorists, of some academics, and of others.
Ongoing brainwashing by bad operatives, of individuals of all ages, may destroy their quality of life, and the stability of society.

By Dr. Shmuel Katz

It is getting more and more challenging to get advanced academic education, without being exposed to malicious educators and others, who are willing to advance their own agenda, and ignore the interest of their students.

The recent turmoil in multiple universities in the USA and elsewhere, are only a symptom of many years of on-going indoctrination which is being ignored, due to various excuses.

Recently, there were again, alarms from the PJTN organization and from others, about the indoctrination of the young students in the K-12 classrooms, in multiple states.

I am glad that we have many organizations, who would like to do better than the others, in exposing and marginalizing the bad operatives.

We need all of them, as there may be some, that will reach groups of people, that others would not be able to do.

Some of the problems of having that many organizations are related to the fact that unfortunately, many times, they are not delivering the same messages, nor addressing the same problems, in systematically and repetitiously effective ways. We know from the science of commercial marketing, that if we want people to remember, identify, and ultimately, buy a product, they will have to hear the messages multiple times, and in different ways. Therefore, sharing well documented, similar, valuable, basic, and relevant information, by different sources, will significantly amplify the distribution of the messages, and will hopefully result in reaching and convincing more people, to act in their own interest, to expose and marginalize evil.

One of the hot topics of today is related to the insidious infiltration of radical groups into our educational system, with serious effects on the society at large. This phenomenon is not new. It happened already in the past, but recently it has gained momentum, which is affecting not only the students, but also educators and political decision makers. Consequently, it affects negatively, the population at large.

In these days it is easy to find a lot or relevant video documentations of the challenges that we face, and the wise viewers will try to make responsible decisions, based upon the information that they have gathered.

For example, we can see a clear conflict between the statements made by the president of Columbia University and the video documentations, of the events as they were unfolding.

The President of Columbia University has a Problem with the Facts and the Truth – Click here to watch

The events which we are witnessing today in the streets, all over the country, can be linked to an extended and meticulous planning which was happening for many years, with the goal to undermine the society, in the free world. One of the major instigators of these problems was painfully documented by Brigitte Gabriel in a recent video presentation.

Muslim 100 YEAR PLAN To Take Over America & Obama Involved! SEE DOCS – PDF Link in details: Brigitte Gabriel’s #WARNING

Having the wrong people in decision making positions may have serious effects also on political decision makers. A concern related to this fact was presented recently on Instagram addressing some White House officials.

Alarming Report from Paul Faust on Instagram Addressing Problematic White House Staff

The direct effects of the unrest on people were documented by PragerU via a very short twitter video, and via a more comprehensive video that provided firsthand documentations of tragic challenges and of their effects.

Dear Infidels: A Warning to America | PragerU

These videos are excellent short presentations, that are touching several very important points.

Amplifying a few additional important points will help people focus on relevant issues that will assist them in protecting their own wellbeing, and implement wise panning for the future:

  1. Providing the brainwashed Radicals with money and political power, will not transform them into angles, who care to protect their own wealth. These Radicals are driven by a ruthless ideology, and therefore, they will ignore their own comfort. With the aid that they will get, they will become better financed and more aggressive terror supporters, or even active terrorists.
  2. We should not provide these people with any assistance without reasonable conditions, which will include controlling what they teach children and adults, in their schools, and in all their media outlets.
  3. ⁠Their middle names are “deception” and “misinformation”. People must be aware of it. We should never take their words at face value. They are very well financed by bad actors, and they use their unlimited funds, to build powerful propaganda machines, by which they try to control and influence especially, the ignorant and the gullible.
  4. There are also many antisemites who are not aware of the fact that their own skin too, is in the game. For some irrational reason, they act automatically against the Jews, but they do not realize that Radical Islam is targeting them too, while most of the Jewish people are, law abiding, decent people, who are trying to live in peace, become productive members of society, and protect themselves and other honorable people, from harm.

Ignoring the information at hand, may cause a serious deterioration in the safety and security of all of us, and if not controlled, the situation may precipitate into disarray from which it will be very difficult to recover.

Therefore, the sooner that all of us will wake up, and challenge and marginalize evil, the better it will be for the society at large.

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