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Global Christian Zionist Organization Calls On Superintendents To Remove All Antisemitic And Pro-Hamas Content From Classrooms In Tennessee



April 4, 2024 (Nashville, TN) – Laurie Cardoza Moore, President of the global Christian Zionist Organization, Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, is calling on the Superintendent of Schools to remove all instructional materials that are promoting the terrorist group Hamas in schools across the Shelby County and Germantown school districts or be held liable for being in violation of state law.

Last week, two west Tennessee schools recently hosted a Ramadan party for teachers and staff at Houston High School and Houston Middle School, which included pro-terrorist, anti-Israel propaganda materials for the faculty to use to teach students about the “war in Gaza”.

According to best-selling author and journalist Todd Starnes, who broke the original story, the staff at both schools held a Muslim-centric celebration that featured discussions on how to support Muslim students. Shockingly, the faculty failed to consider the impact on Jewish and Christian Zionist children who may have felt marginalized after learning of the atrocities committed by Muslim terrorists against innocent civilians in Israel. This includes 134 hostages, nine of which are Americans, that are still being held in Gaza since October 7th by Hamas terrorists.

The disputed material stated,
“While we know when our next meal is, people in Gaza are dying of starvation.”

“This is outright disinformation”, stated Laurie Cardoza Moore. “If there are people starving to death, it’s not because of Israel, it’s because of Hamas. They are withholding the distribution of supplies and food. We have seen tractor-trailers loaded with food and humanitarian aid for the citizens of Gaza, but Hamas is controlling its distribution. This is outrageous. The family, who delivered the food and spread the propaganda, should be ashamed of themselves. They are falsely accusing Israel for crimes committed by Hamas.”

“In response I have personally reached out to both principals and the Jewish Federation to find out what instructional materials were provided for the staff and faculty,” stated Ms. Cardoza Moore. “As a member of the Tennessee Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission, I was appointed by Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton to serve the parents and citizens of Tennessee by reviewing textbooks and curriculum to insure that all instructional materials used in Tennessee classrooms are in compliance with state statutes and standards. The law requires that they must be accurate, unbiased and they must reflect the values of the community.”

PJTN remains steadfast in our commitment to combat the spread of disinformation, especially when it comes to issues concerning Israel and the Jewish people. We refuse to stand idly by as falsehoods are propagated, even in our educational institutions. Cardoza Moore has not heard back from the Principals, or the Superintendent as this release goes to print.

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