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Hypocrisy! Berkeley Student Law Groups Take a Racist, Antisemitic Stand

Dear Friends and Patriots,

Endorse and support the existence of Israel? According to bylaws recently passed by nine law student groups at the University of California, Berkeley, that disqualifies a speaker from addressing their organization. Even its own dean. This disturbing move set off alarm bells on campus among Jewish students, but in an op-ed in J. The Jewish News of Northern California, at least two prominent faculty members expressed relief that “just nine out of the more than 100 student groups at the law school chose to adopt such a bigoted course of action.”

The nine clubs in question represent a broad swath of the law school student population. They include the Middle Eastern and North African Law Students Association, Law Students of African Descent, Women of Berkeley Law, Asian Pacific American Law Students Association and the Queer Caucus.

In an interview with J. The Jewish News of Northern California, Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, a progressive Zionist, noted, “To say that anyone who supports the existence of Israel—that’s what you define as Zionism—shouldn’t speak would exclude about, I don’t know, 90 percent or more of our Jewish students.”

“This close-minded action, driven by Marxist, left-leaning liberal ideology, is antisemitism of the highest form,” commented Laurie Cardoza Moore, founder and president of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations. “Even the dean of the law school would not be allowed to speak to the clubs on the campus that he leads. This is arrogant, foolish and dangerous.”

Cardoza Moore urged concerned citizens to contact the University of California Board of Regents and register their criticisms. Members of the public can share their concerns via email by writing Letters can be sent to the Office of the Secretary and Chief of Staff to the Regents, 1111 Franklin St., 12th floor, Oakland, CA 94607.

“God told the prophet Obadiah that in the last days, He would wipe out the descendants of Edom because they stood by while their brother Jacob was held in captivity and did nothing,” she added. “We must not be silent!”

“And if you live in California, call out the University of California system and demand a response condemning and blocking this effort.”

To schedule an interview with Laurie Cardoza Moore, president of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, please contact Clem Boyd, Director of Public Relations at 724.930.4003.


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