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Please give us your feedback regarding the event you attended.

    1) Which information given at the event was useful to you?

    HandoutsInformation packetsSpeakerspresentations and applicationsAll of the aboveNone of the above

    2) How will you utilize the information you received from the event?

    Community actionShare with othersEducational purposes onlyNothing, I got what I needed at the event

    3) What part of the event was the best in your opinion?

    Speakers and their presentationsHandouts and information packetsConversations with othersNetworking opportunitiesAll of the aboveNone of the above

    4) What did you not like about the presentations?

    Too longNot planned wellInformation was not usefulNeeded more time to elaborate and provide more useful informationNothing, everything was done very well

    5) How would you rate the quality of our speakers 1-5 with 5 being the best?

    1 - Very Poor2 - Did not get my attention3 - It was useful, may use in the future4 - It was useful, will most likely use in the future5 - It was excellent and just what I needed

    6) What kind of information/content would you have liked to have seen covered? Please be as descriptive as possible.

    7) What kind of improvements can we make to future PJTN Summit events?

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