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PJTN releases groundbreaking white paper exposing antisemitic and anti-American wokeism indoctrination in some of America’s religious schools



(Nashville, TN) – January 4, 2024 – Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN), an Evangelical Christian organization combating global antisemitism has just released its third White Paper titled; The Crisis in K-12 Education in America’s Religious Day Schools: the Effects of Wokeism on Jewish and Catholic Day Schools. The research for this groundbreaking expose’ was done by PJTN’s Academic Advisor, Dr. Sandra Alfonsi.

Recently, as parents have removed their children from the public school system, they are finding that they are not safe in private religious schools either.

Since Hamas’ October 7th slaughter of innocent men, women, children, and babies in Israel, we are watching in horror as America’s children are praising the terrorists and marching in the streets across America chanting, “From the River to the Sea”, thus calling for the slaughter of Jews in their ancient homeland. Many parents and taxpaying citizens are asking themselves, how did this happen?

K-12 Education today in American public schools is in the hands of educators and administrators indoctrinated in ideologies, which have overturned the basic precepts upon which our Constitutional Republic was founded. States incorporate these ideologies in their Educational Standards and publishers include these radical viewpoints in their textbooks. “Within the new curricula are the ideologies of Black Lives Matter (BLM), Critical Race Theory (CRT), Critical Ethnic Studies (CES), Critical Liberated Ethnic Studies (CLES) and the newly developed, Critical Zionism Studies (CZS), which teaches the delegitimization of Israel, the False Palestinian Narrative, the CRT narrative of Israel and the Israelis as ‘oppressors’, and in fact calls for the destruction of Israel. Critical Zionism Studies is the 21st century offshoot of Zionology, the 20th century Soviet ideology, dating from the Cold War Era. It was fiercely anti-Zionism, anti-Judaism, and pro-Arab. CZS is an updated and more virulent version of Zionology, funded by Qatar,” stated Dr. Alfonsi.

There are also two new offshoots of the CRT ideology, which are now prevalent throughout K-12 education and academic professions as a whole: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Taken as a whole, these ideologies indoctrinate our children and our society with radical anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, anti-Israelism, and Marxism. They consciously and intentionally present America as a colonialist, racist, slave nation, which supports systemic racism and white privilege

These ideologies negate the Judeo-Christian Foundation of America and in doing so, they attack both Judaism and Christianity. Thus. with insidious regularity, Wokeism is even impacting the American Religious School system.

These ideologies and their precepts are identified as essential tenets of Wokeism. Woke is an adjective derived from African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) meaning “alert to racial prejudice and discrimination”. Beginning in the 2010s, it came to encompass a broader awareness of social inequalities such as racial injustice, sexism, and denial of LGBT rights.

K-12 education as well as legal, professional, military, and medical systems are now “Wokist” in intent and practice. What then is Wokeism? How is Wokeism a product of CRT and a supporter of Marxism? Why is Wokeism considered the “new American religion”? These are questions which must be answered if we are to salvage what is left of our shredded Constitution and our Republic.

“In 2012, our PJTN team of textbook reviewers found a Pearson Published Human Geography textbook that had an antisemitic quote legitimizing terrorist attacks against innocent Israeli citizens in an effort to wage war against ‘Israeli government policies and army actions’. That was my first encounter with disinformation in America’s curriculum. I realized then, if we did not remove the Pearson propaganda from class curriculum, our children would turn on America and our greatest friend and ally, Israel. This indoctrination of our most precious resource, our children, poses the greatest national security threat and must be addressed by our state legislatures immediately if we are going to hold on to our liberties”, stated Laurie Cardoza Moore, President and founder of PJTN.

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