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Thank you for signing the petition and taking a stand for our nation’s children.

Today you gave your voice to protect our nation’s children. Please also give of your resources to help us win this fight!

Please help us take back America’s children by giving a gift right now. We cannot relent—because this is a crucial battle for our children’s hearts and the future of America and of Israel.

Proclaiming Justice to The Nations is on the front lines engaging local, regional and national curriculum boards and committees for true change in America’s schools and classrooms.

Your generous financial support today will help equip us to bring awareness and work for change through every possible avenue—legislation, media, advocacy, and the development of broadcast programs and documentaries to inform and educate over 2 billion potential viewers across our nation and around the globe.

We cannot do this without friends like you. Please give generously.

To give using PayPal, please click here.

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