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Thank you for signing the petition. Today you gave your voice to protect our nation’s children and the nation of Israel. But there is more you can do.

Every day, children in Israel are suffering extensive trauma from being subject to constant terrorist attacks. Not only have many children suffered physical trauma but they have undergone deep emotional and mental trauma as well.

Schools in Israel have been hit by missile fire. Terrorist bullets rain from the sky, piercing through vehicles full of families on a normal sunny day.

While the children of Israel look for physical safety on their own soil, Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN) is on the front lines fighting antisemitism in every avenue possible.

Every dollar you give will allow PJTN to:

  • Rebuild the lives of children in Israel that have been subjected to trauma from constant terrorist attacks
  • Petition legislators to cut federal funding that supports radical and divisive curriculum
  • Appear on global media outlets and news platforms spreading the truth of rampant antisemitism in our world
  • Produce broadcast programs and documentaries that expose the truth and compel viewers to get involved

Please help us STOP this hate from spreading through generations and our nation.

We cannot do this without friends like you. Please give generously.

To give using PayPal, please click here.

Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN) is dedicated to mobilizing people of faith to fight for truth, righteousness, and transformation in America, Israel, and the world.

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