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Our children are under attack and are being targeted by our education systems nationwide with curricula promoting antisemitic and racist Critical Race Theory and anti-Israel, anti-Judeo-Christian ideology, causing confusion and division among our students.

Our responsibility as American citizens is to PROTECT and FIGHT for these children—our children—the next generation of American leaders.

We must stand together and STOP antisemitic and racist Critical Race Theory from being taught in our schools.

Let your voice be loud and heard—sign the petition!

Sign the petition!


    • U.S. Secretary of Education 
    • The President of the United States of America 
    • Members of the U.S. Congress


    We the undersigned respectfully demand the removal of curriculum and instruction steeped in antisemitic and racist Critical Race Theory as well as anti-American and anti-Israel ideology from all American educational institutions.

    Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN) is dedicated to mobilizing people of faith to fight for truth, righteousness, and transformation in America, Israel, and the world.

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