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Very little is understood in Christianity about this dark period of church history. For Christians to understand this history, we must step back in time to understand why the Catholic Church and the King and Queen of Spain and eventually Portugal, would target Jews for annihilation.

Much of what we will be discussing about this dark period in Church history will come out of a book titled; The Origins of The Inquisition in Fifteenth Century Spain by a leading scholar on this subject, the late Benzion Netanyahu, the Father of the current Israeli Prime Minister.

As Bible believers must ask the question, “Why is there very little documented by the church on why the Inquisition was initiated and the biblical grounds it was substantiated upon.

Obadiah wrote about an end time prophecy that would see its fulfillment in the last days, where God would pour out His wrath on the descendants of Edom because they stood by, while their brother Jacob/Israel, was held in captivity and did nothing. When I read about the Inquisition, the Holocaust and the pogroms, one cannot help but to immediately turn to the Christian church, for it was during this period of time that the prophet wrote about.

Mr. Netanyahu wrote that ; “the reason there has been very little written about this period of history by scholars, (and I will add theologians), was that they believed they had all the necessary facts to determine the primary cause of the Inquisition. That cause, they were sure, was the presence of a heresy, steadily spreading and highly contagious, which threatened the future of Christianity in Spain. The Inquisition was created to crush that heresy and, if possible, to destroy it root and branch.”

It is this part of history that we find very troubling and disturbing.  The heretical term used then and now is “Judaizing”. The Catholic church used this derogatory term against Conversos, Marranos and New Christians. The church believed that these newly converted Christians were secretly practicing their Judaism behind closed doors and they needed to be eliminated.

As we embark on this journey of biblical truth and one of the church’s darkest hours in history, it is time for the church to confront this age-old hatred once and for all, lest we be judged as the descendants of Edom will be.

Join us on the journey – PJTN’s mission statement to “educate, motivate, and activate” Christians on our biblical mandate to support Israel has never been more needed in this age of “disinformation” and the renewed hatred of antisemitism being taught by the “woke” culture to our next generation of leadership in America: Our children.

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