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“Proclaim this to the nations, prepare for war… ”
Joel 3:9

Dear Friends,

I hope this message finds you well. Today, I am writing to shed light on a critical issue that demands our attention and support. The ongoing propaganda war against Israel has reached alarming heights, and one recent incident vividly illustrates the need for our solidarity.

As supporters of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, we have a profound commitment to the truth and to standing with Israel, particularly in times of adversity. The recent hospital bombing incident, initially and wrongly blamed on Israel but later exposed as a Hamas explosion, is a stark reminder of the smear campaigns and misinformation that Israel often faces.

The Hospital Bombing Incident

In recent weeks, the world watched in horror as news broke about the bombing of a hospital. The immediate blame was placed on Israel, sparking outrage and condemnation. However, as more evidence came to light, the truth emerged: it was a Hamas explosion that caused the devastation. This incident is just one example of the deliberate misinformation that Israel contends with in the global media landscape.

The Need for Our Support

It’s crucial, now more than ever, that we stand with Israel and support organizations like PJTN, dedicated to shedding light on the truth. Our mission is to combat the propaganda war by sharing accurate information, providing humanitarian aid to those in need, and advocating for Israel’s right to self-defense.

How You Can Help

  1. Donate: Your financial support is instrumental in our efforts to uncover and share the truth about Israel’s challenges. Every contribution helps us in our mission.
  2. Advocate: Join us in advocating for a fair portrayal of Israel in the media. Share accurate information, engage in meaningful conversations, and help correct misinformation when you encounter it.
  3. Stay Informed: Knowledge is power. Stay informed about the situation in the Middle East and share accurate updates with your network.
  4. Pray: Your prayers are essential. Pray for the peace, security, and well-being of Israel and its people.

Support the Truth, Stand with Israel

It is our responsibility as truth seekers and advocates for justice to stand with Israel in the face of this relentless propaganda war. By supporting PJTN, you are contributing to the fight for truth, justice, and the welfare of the Israeli people.

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can ensure that the world sees the real Israel, a nation that seeks peace and security in a region filled with challenges.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and for standing with us as we stand with Israel. Together, we can help Israel overcome the trials it faces and share the truth with the world.

In solidarity,

President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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