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An open letter from laurie: what happened last week in broward county resonated nationally

As Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN) reported in a press release issued on Monday, June 19, the school board in Broward County Florida took swift action to remove a school board appointee exposed as a vocal anti-Semite who had promoted cultural divisiveness, expressed open hatred for the Jewish people and even called for the destruction of Israel. Appointed to committees that supported diversity and human relations for students, she in fact has long been tied to a Muslim hate organization that promotes violence and bigotry as well as the targeting of Jews, gays and others –facts that should have raised serious red flags on her appointment! As a member of the District Advisory Council for the Broward School Board, I had a chance to personally be on hand to bring PJTN’s values and voice into the demand for her dismissal.

Letters flooded my inbox after this release went out! Concerned parents wanted to know how this could happen. How could such an individual have ever been selected to oversee Broward’s kids? How can we avoid having this kind of incident happen in our community?

Thanks to the in-depth investigative reporting of Joe Kaufman, a long respected journalist who serves as a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, the floodlights of truth were shed on this Florida school official. In his May 21 article that appeared in World Israel News, Joe broke the story and exposed this woman, pushing the agenda towards her dismissal into high gear. Once again doing what he has been doing with excellence for years: Slaying the vile dragon of hatred with the power of the pen. (Learn more about Joe’s remarkable work in counter- terrorism and national security at

PJTN’s “Taking Back America’s Children” was launched to educate, motivate and activate EVERYONE to protect their local schools boards, and ultimately, the future of our children. PJTN is calling on all parents and citizens within the sound of our voice to increase the reach of this important initiative today!

What can YOU do this summer? BE A VOICE FOR CHANGE!

  • Become familiar with your local school board—these people are making vital decisions on the future of your children’s education. Do your research on textbooks, instructional materials and candidates before you vote.
  • Talk with other parents locally—form an alliance and plan to make your voice and values heard on all open forums, school board meetings, etc. There’s strength in unity!
  • Vote “NO!” on the “woke culture agenda” and those that present it as a formula for education! Be vocal locally with leadership—call, write Op Eds, form community organizations as parents and citizens. Be a voice for change!
  • Vote out school board members who don’t represent your voice and values for your children’s future.
  • Consider running for a position on the school board and support those who represent the Judeo/Christian values our nation was founded upon.
  • Get involved politically at the local level. Remember- national change begins county by county, state by state.
  • Visit our website at to learn more about “Taking Back America’s Children”

Join us today to become a “PJTN Watchman on the Wall” with your investment of only $20 per month.

We are in this fight together with YOU… to win!

Jackie Monaghan

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