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Broward County sets national example with removal of an antisemitic School Board appointee

(FORT LAUDERDALE) –June 19, 2023 –A recently appointed member of the District Advisory Council for the Broward County Florida School Board, Laurie Cardoza Moore, a nationally recognized pro Israel advocate, was among the first to commend the Fort Lauderdale based Board for their removal of local educator Naima Khan-Ghany from her recently re-appointed positions on both the county’s School Board Diversity Committee and the Human Relations Committees.

Earlier this month, Cardoza Moore was in urgent communication with the office of Dr. Jeff Holness of the Broward school board and called for the removal of Khan-Ghany, noting: “This woman on numerous occasions and through various personal communications on social media has promoted cultural divisiveness, hatred of Jews and her support for a call for violence towards Jews and the destruction of Israel. The fact that she is tied to an organization that promotes violence and bigotry as well as the targeting of Jews, gays and others, should raise serious red flags to Broward County School Board’s complicity in allowing her to represent the interests of diversity and human relations. I think a move should be taken to remove her immediately.”

Naima Khan-Ghany is a public school teacher and an advisor to local high school and middle school chapters of the Muslim Students Association (MSA), the organization referred to above. It was founded in 1963 by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an openly radical faction of Islam tied in the past to confirmed incidents of terrorism.

Cardoza Moore commended the fast action taken by the Broward board with the announcement of Naima Kahn-Ghary’s removal. She noted in a communication with Dr. Holness’ office:
“I am grateful for your leadership in taking swift action to remove a member of the commission who does not reflect the values of our community and instead poses a threat to our Jewish students and the larger Jewish community. Your quick action has not gone unnoticed by your colleagues and the rest of our community. At a time when many leaders fail to address the character of individuals who are appointed to important positions out of fear of retribution, your decisive action to address this issue is a model for others to follow.”

Through her voice as founder and president of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN), Cardoza Moore has had national influence in successfully re-claiming Judeo-Christian values in a series of educational settings and seminars. Through PJTN’s focused educational campaign, “Taking Back America’s Children”, parents and patriots are “educated, motivated and equipped” to push back on the “woke culture” in American education.

She noted this past weekend in reflecting on the decisive move of the Broward County school board: “Today we won a battle, but the ideological war wages on for the minds and hearts of America’s children…our next generation of leaders. So we’ll fight on, one community and one school board at a time. It’s a battle we cannot afford to lose.”

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