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Focus On Israel : PJTN 101

Focus On Israel Episodes

FOI Episode #9: The World Against Israel

The UN was established out of the ashes of the Holocaust and WW2 and voted…

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FOI Episode #10: America and Israel

This program focuses on the unique relationship that America has with Israel. The past and…

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FOI Episode #11: Genesis Curse

n Genesis 12:3 God states his blessing for those who bless His people and His…

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FOI Episode #12: The Media Bias Against Israel

With a mainstream media than leans more to the left each day, the bias against…

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FOI Episode #13: Spiritual Antisemitism

We often look at what goes on in the physical world and forget what we…

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FOI Episode #14: Nuclear Iran

The greatest threat today by far to Israel and the world is the Islamic nation…

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FOI Episode #15: Lest We Forget

Will we forget 9-11 and disregard the threat of Islamofacism? Are we doomed to repeat…

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FOI Episode #16: Peace in the Middle East

Can there be peace? What’s the reality on the ground? Three experts in middle-east politics offer…

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