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Focus On Israel : PJTN 101

Focus On Israel Episodes

FOI Episode #17: The Case for the Ancient Homeland

Features a portion of the award winning documentary, Israel Indivisible. The documentary explores the historical,…

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FOI Episode #18: Christian Persecution in the Middle East

In this week’s episode of Focus On Israel, we’ll learn of the real cost one…

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FOI Episode #19: The Jewish Church

Now, centuries after it occurred, we may often forget that the Christian church was birthed…

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FOI Episode #20: Hebrew Roots of Christianity

This week's episode of Focus On Israel focuses on a closer exploration of the Hebrew…

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FOI Episode #21: Hebrew Roots Movement

As believers learn more of the Hebrew roots of Christianity they are naturally lead to…

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FOI Episode #22: Error of Replacement Theology

Replacement Theology is an age-old false teaching and the belief that the church replaced Israel.…

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FOI Episode #23: The Promise to Israel

God has said of Israel: "And I will establish My covenant between Me and you…

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FOI Episode #24: Should There Be a Palestinian State?

With the world increasingly pushing Israel to divide their land with Palestine, what is the…

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