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Pastor Mario Bramnick graduated with honors from the University of Miami in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Degree and with a Juris Doctorate Degree of Law from the University of Miami in 1982. He has practiced law in the field of Commercial Law and Civil Litigation.

Pastor Bramnick is President of the Latino Coalition for Israel, with a vision to establish the largest Hispanic Pro-Israel organization in America and Latin America to support Israel, to combat the global rise of Antisemitism and raise awareness of the critical intersection of Israel and the nations. Pastor Bramnick has met with 11 heads of state on LCI’s vision.

Pastor Bramnick is director of the Hispanic Impact Panel with a mission to facilitate conservative policies impacting Hispanic communities through our leadership or affiliates to advance conservative values for Hispanic Americans.

​Pastor Bramnick has been appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis to serve on the Florida Faith Based and Community-Based Advisory Council. Pastor Bramnick served as part of the Board of Directors for Latinos for Trump for the 2020 Campaign and was a part of the National Hispanic Advisory Council for the 2016 campaign for Donald J. Trump. Pastor Bramnick worked with Former Ambassador David Friedman and Former Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt in the securing of strong pro-Israel language strengthening the Republican platform, which reinstated reference to an undivided Jerusalem, and on the Israel Policy for the Trump Campaign.

Pastor Bramnick was chosen as one of the JNS Press Top 40 Latin American Pro-Israel advocates and leaders. Pastor Bramnick was honored with the “Portraits in Courage” award by CAMERA in May of 2022 for taking a moral stance in supporting the truth about Israel and the Jewish people. In 2021, he received the “Latino Defender of Israel Award” by Combatting Antisemitism Movement (CAM).

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