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Global Christian Zionist organization condemns Biden’s speech for failing to condemn the rising global threat of antisemitism and for calling for a two-state solution in the midst of war



(Nashville, TN) – March 8, 2024 – Laurie Cardoza Moore, President of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, condemned President Joe Biden’s statement during his State of the Union Address for calling for a Two-State Solution during a war and failing to condemn the rise of antisemitism in the United States.

“Biden’s strategic response is to build a humanitarian pier so that Iran can bring in more weapons and more terrorists to further their attacks against our true friend and ally in the Middle East,” stated Laurie Cardoza Moore.

In his speech, he had the audacity to say, “Israel must do its part”. Can he not see that Israel has been doing its part? They are fighting to annihilate their enemy and save their nation. At the beginning of the war, Biden repeatedly said that Israel needed to take out Hamas as he told Netanyahu to finish the job. Now Biden is threatening Israel by withholding weapons and ammo. His double-mindedness has become a nightmare for Israel and her War Cabinet.

In his State of the Union speech, Biden’s whole demeanor, as he stumbled several times to articulate his rhetoric, was angry and demeaning. He continued to chastise Israel for the way they have handled the war and condemned them for demolishing buildings and killing civilians. What Joe Biden refused to acknowledge was how Israel warns the Gazans to get out of the buildings housing weapons and ammo, even under their children’s beds!

He even went as far to legitimize Hamas’ claims that 30,000 people have died, but to this day, no one has been able to corroborate those numbers. If those numbers are accurate, where are the mass graves? Surely there is enough land in Gaza to bury their dead. Where is the press, covering those large mass gravesites?

Biden talked about the thousands of children killed in Gaza, but what about the brutal, vicious attacks on Israeli children, beheaded, burned and baked in ovens? What about the elderly that were brutally murdered and the women viciously tortured and raped? What of the 253 hostages taken from their families by Hamas and the 134 hostages that remain, including two children? These are war crimes against humanity, but no one wants to uphold international law as it pertains to Israel. The Jews continue to face a world filled with antisemitic hypocrites.

No other military in the world defends its people and its borders like Israel does. Before leveling a building, the IDF drop leaflets, send text messages and “roof knock” on Gazans to tell them to get out of a building where weapons are being stored. In response, Hamas forces the people to stay in the building in order to create collateral damage. Where is Biden when Hamas does this? Where is the UN? Where are all the other hypocritical nations? Hamas is using its own civilians as sacrificial lambs and the world remains silent!

The only path forward is for the world to once and for all recognize the one-state solution, and that is the complete rebirth of the modern State of Israel. This path to peace drafted in the Abraham Accords by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was under President Trump’s watchful eye, the greatest pro-Israel, loyal friend and ally to Israel in the history of America.

But Biden destroyed any hope for peace in the Middle East, because it didn’t reflect his Administration’s attempts at creating a lasting solution. Peace through strength is now Israel’s only path forward! The Arab world must once and for all support a “one-state solution”, with Israel in her entire sovereign state.

Ms. Cardoza Moore recently stated that “America is a Judeo-Christian nation, founded on the principals grounded in the Torah of Moses. Americans are deeply tied to their faith, especially with all of the chaos created by the Biden Administration. Jews and Christians also believe in the Bible and the eternal Covenant God made with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants. God warned the Israelites to never forget what Amalek did to them when they were in the desert at their most vulnerable point. We the people of the Judeo-Christian faiths, will never forget what Biden and the anti-Israel democrats are doing to our brethren in Israel.”

Israel did not start this war, Iran did by way of its proxies Hamas and Hezbollah as well as compliments of Joe Biden and the U.S. taxpayers. Providing more aid to Gaza and Iran is only prolonging this war against Israel and causing more deaths. Biden’s shameless public condemnation of Israel for defending her people and her land, with a slap on the hand to the terrorists, is an embarrassment to America.

Instead, we should be working to ensure Israel’s complete annihilation of Hamas and Hezbollah now. We are reminded by the holy prophets, when God spoke to Obadiah, that He would wipe out the descendants of Edom in the last days for standing by while their brother Jacob was held in captivity and did nothing.

Not only is America standing by while our brother Jacob (Israel) is literally being held hostage; we are enabling Israel’s enemies to continue to attack Israel. Americans must rise up and mobilize our support for Israel at the grassroots level.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was right when he reminded Biden that 80% of Americans stand with him and Israel. In response, President Biden should be implementing policies that reflect our values and support Israel instead of continuing to threaten Bibi behind closed doors.

“Judgment is coming to this nation and all nations that set their hand against Israel. All Israel will be saved from this, but every leader who try’s to divide Jerusalem, to divide the nation and move her ancient boundary stones will be judged and caught wanting by the Creator of the universe. As for me and my house we will stand on the promise of God’s eternal Covenant to the stock of Abraham,” affirmed Cardoza Moore.

Most have forgotten how the U.S. pressured Israel into a two-state solution in Gaza in 2005. Over the next 19 years, Gaza became a launching pad for rockets raining down on Israel. Does Biden ever consider what it’s like for the Israeli citizens who have had to live under those conditions? As Senator Biden, he never took up that issue. Why?

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