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The “Journey of a Thousand Miles” For Our Children

During the last few days, we have won several battles in our war to take back America’s children. I say “we” because I could do nothing without your support and prayers.

You are a part of a team that is growing and standing up across America.

On the first day of the Tennessee State Board of Education Social Studies/Civics Standards Review Commission, I could not help but think of that old proverb…”the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Each day I take another “single step”.

It was on my recommendation that 4th grade students in the State of Tennessee be taught the significant role the U.S. played in the creation of the State of Israel. The commission, with overwhelming support, adopted that recommendation.

Additionally, when reviewing the United States form of government, it was listed several times as a “democracy”. I moved that the textbooks identify America for what it really is—a Constitutional Republic. That too passed with overwhelming support.

As our Commission continues the arduous task of reviewing the K-12 Social Studies/ Civics and Holocaust standards, we will have additional opportunities to ensure our standards are accurate, unbiased and reflect the values of Tennesseans. These standards, once adopted, will be taught in Tennessee classrooms across the state.

Another issue we will be addressing in the standards is the progress of the ancient Israelites and Abraham’s journey from Ur to Canaan. This information is so important given the disinformation today that Israel is “occupying” Palestinian land.

Unfortunately, overlooked in the founding of America is the influence of the Torah in the writing of our Constitution. Even though the Constitution is secular, it was divinely inspired and its moral philosophy was largely derived from the Torah. Most Americans today know almost nothing about the Constitution since Civic courses have been eliminated in many public schools. Tragically, by knowing little about our Constitution, our next generation of leadership will unwittingly relinquish the very liberties they are promised and will be less inclined to uphold them.

In short, our defense of the educational values of PJTN will impact the scholastic lives of more than 1 million students in Tennessee every year. Additionally, the changes adopted will force textbook publishers, including the infamous Pearson Publishing, to comply with the newly adopted standards for content in textbooks and instructional materials. When we take ground, the discarded and overlooked history of our nation will be honestly presented in our children’s K-12 classrooms.

The sad reality is that our U.S. Constitution is disappearing from the public sphere; endangering the survival of the freest country in the world. By comparison, the respect for the Torah and its reading is still alive and vibrant in the Jewish world, even after 3,300 years.

Through our campaign of “Taking Back America’s Children”, PJTN is pursuing a dramatic role in influencing the education of America’s children! We are now a major force in engaging the grassroots to wake up Americans to what is happening in our classrooms. We are helping turn over “woke” school boards around the nation and influencing local and state decision makers on the importance of Social Studies/Civics and Holocaust standards.

PJTN’s success in Florida, and now Tennessee, in writing mandates for Civics and Holocaust education has opened the door wider for interactions with other states. We are fully engaged nationally to stop antisemitism, reject propaganda against the Judeo-Christian foundation of America, and expose Holocaust revisionism and anti-American disinformation from being ‘normalized’ for another generation of young Americans. We are on the march, county-by-county, state-by-state, with the mandate of “Taking Back America’s Children!


Amid the culture war to “dumb down” our children, PJTN looks for new opportunities to expose and tie antisemitism back to its very roots—America’s educational system. The hatred begins with the “small seeds” planted in the minds of children, a fact well documented and proven by the exhaustive intel PJTN compiled throughout 2019 in our white paper report. We have proven that by the time college-age kids are marching in BDS rallies and pro-Palestinian demonstrations on campuses all over America they have been exposed to antisemitic and anti-Israel propaganda that began in kindergarten!

Going forward we are steadfast in our mission to fight back against the omission of historical facts regarding the role Jews played in the founding of this nation, as well as the normalization of antisemitism in American K-12 schools. We fight to keep the Holocaust represented and taught as the incomparable horrific event that it was. We fight to protect against those who use the strategy of antisemitism to hurt America, America’s children and demonize the State of Israel.

Your generous financial gifts make all that we do at PJTN possible! At stake is the future of our children and grandchildren. In the balance is our next generation of leaders and the next generation of support for Israel.

I hope that you will take that “single step” and join me on this journey.

President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations

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