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PJTN Is On The March For America’s Children – We’ve Only Just Begun!

Through our campaign of “Taking Back America’s Children,” PJTN proved once again last week that we are taking a dramatic frontline role in influencing the education of America’s children!

We are continuing to grow as a major force in engaging both legislators and grassroots in waking up to what’s happening in America’s classrooms. We are helping turn over “woke school boards” around the Nation, and influencing local and state decision makers on the importance which the Social Studies and Civic and Holocaust Standards must play in this generation of American education.

The “Standards” are key to combating anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, anti-Israelism and Holocaust Revisionism in Curricula. With the success which PJTN had in Florida in writing Standards for Civics and Holocaust education, the door is opening wider for interactions with other States to adopt the Florida formula—as we are currently doing in Tennessee. PJTN is on the march State-by-State with the established mandate of “Taking Back America’s Children!”

We had an important victory last week with the Tennessee State Board of Education’s Standards Review Commission: Approval of several of the PJTN recommendations introduced to allow the classroom instruction of 4th graders statewide to include the important role the Jews played in America’s history as well as the inclusion in the studies of the important role our Nation played in the creation of the modern State of Israel. This is only the beginning of PJTN’s statewide goals!

  • As a non-profit, we are behind the scenes building relationships with state legislators, state departments of education and governors and our work will not end with the adoption of Civics and Holocaust Standards. Phase 2 of the initiative in 2024 will require reviewing textbooks, instructional materials, supplemental materials and library books to ensure that they follow State Standards, are accurate, unbiased and reflect the values of their States, as well as their State and U.S. Constitutions.


PJTN’s groundbreaking County-by-County, State-by-State initiatives are not a “one and done!” proposition. This will be an ongoing effort until we reach all 50 States.

Thus far, PJTN’s successful initiatives have had the potential of impacting almost 17 million K-12 students.

State-by-State breakdown of students:

  • Florida – 1.8 million
  • Tennessee – 1.3 million
  • California – 6 million
  • Ohio – 1.7 million
  • Texas – 5 million


We are focused on engaging the grassroots, local and state decision-makers through the ‘sweet spot’ of Civics and Holocaust Standards for the next generation of education in America. These Standards are the key to combating the disinformation in curricula and the earliest seeds of antisemitism which are planted in the minds of our children as early as kindergarten!

Please see PJTN’s Standards recommendations for Tennessee by referring  to my notes online at: /hearing-recommendations-to-be-voted-on-by-tn-sboe/

Next steps:

These recommendations will now go before the Tennessee State Board of Education (SBOE) for review and adoption this October. Once adopted, these Standards will be used by textbook publishers to publish the Social Studies and Civics textbooks for Tennessee K-12 students. Drafting Standards is the key to ensuring that Tennessee students are not indoctrinated with inaccurate, biased information which threaten the Judeo-Christian values of our State and this Nation.

At PJTN we can only accomplish our mission with the help of our faithful “PJTN Watchmen” and other generous donors, who believe we must protect our next generation of leadership in America: Our children!

Thank you for joining us on the march in “Taking Back America’s Children!

President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations

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