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PJTN is fully engaged for our children in the fight against Critical Race Theory (CRT)

CRITICAL RACE THEORY is a radical school of thought used by radical Marxist groups to assign racial significance to objectively neutral concepts like history and math. The agenda insists that America is a racist country and instructs students that they are either oppressors or victims. This propaganda is infiltrating our children’s classrooms at an alarming rate! The results are disastrous for the future course of leadership in our nation.

CRT creates a false narrative of conflict that pits Americans against each other. In public schools across the nation, activists and teachers’ unions are actively demanding that CRT materials be taught in the name of “social justice.” CRT advocates, against the will often of parents and teachers, have made it their goal to instill this divisive mentality in the minds of America’s children. Often disguised as “anti-racist,” CRT is a direct push towards racial division. The ultimate goal of CRT is to raise a generation of Americans who despise their history and who consider America an evil force of oppression that must be dismantled. They are after our next generation of leadership in America: Our children.

We must push back against the use of CRT propaganda in instructional materials K-12 as well as in teacher training programs. We must raise our voices against federal funding to support the teaching of radical and divisive curricula like CRT in America’s classrooms.


In some states, governors have taken the lead by banning CRT lessons from being taught in their state’s school systems. The fight is far from over. Ultimately, decisions about content and which materials will be taught within state classrooms are made by local school districts. Increasingly, across America, parents are waking up to the danger within our educational system! They are becoming educated on the materials being offered to their children and they are becoming involved with their local governments to protect their children and their community from the activist push to force CRT into American classrooms.

If you are concerned that your district schools are implementing CRT lessons, contact your local school board with your concerns and let your voice of opposition to this material be heard.

Start attending your local school board meetings and make your voice and values heard! We must hold traditional education values that best serve our children—whether in teaching “2+2=4” in their math class or assuring that they are being instructed on the real history of our great nation in civics class.

Our best defense against CRT is an educated population! We must understand the history of our great nation and be civically engaged. Here are several additional web resources and learning materials that you can resource from trusted sources like Hillsdale College and The Heritage Foundation:

Contact us at and let us know of your experiences and how we can assist you.

We need all hands on deck, America!

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